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Welcome to Tony Nevin Osteopaths. Your home for all aspects of osteopathic care. Est 1989.

Our Services

We offer osteopathic care for the whole family and tailor our treatment programmes to each patient from the cradle to the grave.

No one is immune from back or peripheral joint problems.

CPD Workshops

A holiday with a twist. Our Adventure Workshops are extremely popular. Treating elephants in Thailand.

Laser Treatment

Human patients can benefit from our laser treatment.

High Definition Thermography

Benefit from a hi-resolution thermo scan.

About Us



Zoo Ost Ltd
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About Us

Tony Nevin Osteopaths has 31 years' experience treating people using all modalities of osteopathic treatment. He believes in a holistic, integrated approach to healthcare and is always keen to work with others to attain what is best for each patient.


What about our Animal Work?

Our Animal Work is very important to us, and has a website of its own.

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Follow our adventures

We love the fact we are helping with conservation and education through our work. Having you onboard for the journey makes it even better.

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